Sunday, 16 July 2017


"The Lord has yet more life and truth
to break forth from His Word." 
George Rawson
 I am so tired of the prophets of doom and gloom. I’m just as tired of the run-away ‘Rapturists.’ It short changes the work of the Cross. Jesus died a terrible death to give us Victory. He said that His Church would demolish the gates of Hell. Where did He say that? Matthew 16:18,19. This is just one of the many Scriptures that we pass over with ‘O, that just means so and so…..’ when it means far more than that when we take a closer look.

 The ongoing truth which the Spirit brings is hidden in plain sight, in the Word, but our spiritual eyes are often closed to it. Mostly because we have our end time truth all sorted out and we don’t want to know any different. If we took time to meditate on the Word and asked the Holy Spirit to show us what it means, we may be surprised with what He reveals.

Other Scriptures we tend to pass over are Ephesians 4:11-13 which tells us that Jesus has set some ministries in the Church to bring it “to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.” Also Ephesians 5:27 that tells us that Christ’s Church is going to be “a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that it should be holy and without blemish.” Surely not! That must mean after Jesus comes back. Jesus will have not more power or authority when He returns, than what He already has. He has accomplished there everything that is needed to bring in the Kingdom. It has to be laid hold of and manifested by the Church. The whole creation is waiting for 'revealing of the sons of God'. (Romans 8:19) That is when the Church will rise up into all that Jesus has accomplished.

The truth is encapsulated in the Types of Israel – the pattern nation. They show that the people of God, having been set free through the blood of the Passover lamb, eventually becoming a glorious, victorious Army which possesses its inheritance [The Promised Land] and establishes the Kingdom. Until they understood who they were and what they were redeemed to do, they wandered in the wilderness. That’s where the Church is now!

The inheritance of the spiritual descendants of Abraham is the Earth. [Romans 4:13] We are redeemed to reclaim it for God. Then the Kingdom will come 'on Earth as it is in Heaven'. That is our Promised Land. This involves spiritual warfare in Jesus’ Name; but the victory is assured. Jesus has done everything necessary in order for the Church to rise up and enforce the victory He has won.  One generation will; and that generation is already born into the Earth. How do I know that? By studying the Types. It’s all there if we care to look and study it through.

I have endeavoured to put all this into my books “The Other Bible Code – Unlocking the Glorious Destiny of the Church of Jesus Christ.” And “End Time Insights – The Cloud moves On.” They are available at Amazon, Booktopia, Koorong and most Book Stores. The following link will take you to my author page at Amazon and you can navigate from there. Let’s open our eyes to see the wonderful things God is going to do in the Earth. – and SOON

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