Wednesday, 4 April 2012


"Though He were a Son, yet learned He obedience
through the things that He suffered. Hebrews 5:8

There was a path my Saviour trod
To do the father's will
In a garden called Gethsemane
Upon a lonely hill
Bereft of human fellowship
The darkness closing in
He faced the awful anguish
Of the burden of my sin.

So I too Lord would follow on
The path on which You tred
There is a battle to be won
Before the Cross ahead
My Self impedes Your perfect plan
So I too have to die
My spirit wrestles with my will
My soul to crucify.

And yet I know as You did Lord,
The goal I would attain
Is captured only by a Cross
Of suffering and pain
Not always of the outward kind
But deep within the heart
Where only You can view the pangs
That search out every part

The spirit's truly willing
But the flesh shrinks from the grave
Shall I not drain completely
The cup my Father gave
And taste the dregs of bitterness
Not of the nail or spear
But lonliness - forsaken 
By those I hold most dear.

The highest path lies hidden
From uncomprehending eyes
'Tis by the hand of Israel
That the King of Israel dies
Shall I refuse this deepest hurt
My loving Saviour knew?
Forgive them holy Father
For they know not what they do.

It matters not the means You choose
Your purpose to fulfill
I know that Resurrection culminates
Your perfect will
The dawn of Your pure holy light
Shall rise within my soul
As day o'ertakes the awful night
Christ reigns - in full control.