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Who is the Beast? In Revelation 13? His identity is a number, 666. A lot of Bibles read ‘it is the number of a man.’ For many years people have been watching for a man whose name adds up to 666. As we know letters have numerical value in Greek and also In Hebrew, and in Bible Numerics, numbers have meaning. E.g. 8 is the number of resurrection and new life. Jesus’ name adds up to 888. A number stated three times is the meaning of that number in its ultimate expression. 7 is the number of God and 6 is the number of man under sin, always coming short of the glory of God. Is the beast ‘a man’?

  Is the Beast the Antichrist as many believe? Some translations, e,g, the NIV, renders it “It is man’s number.” It is suggested that the phrase should read “it is a human number.” The Beast with its seven heads and ten horns is not ‘a’ man. Beasts represent systems and are representations of spiritual activity. Is the number on the forehead and the right hand is a literal number? We have the technology for it. However in the context, it shows that taking the mark involves a rejection of God. It is related to how we think and what we do. Those with the mark are those who think and do according to the Beastly spirit. God’s servants also have a mark.  They bear this Name on their foreheads. It is called a seal in Revelation 7:3 and Revelation 9:4.  These are those who think according to God’s Word. In Ezekiel 9:4, 6, God instructs that those who mourn the sad state of the Temple be marked. God knows those who are His. From Eden until now, the question is - Are you going to let God be God or are you going to be your own god, deciding good and evil for yourself? while the serpent continues to whisper 'Did God really say that?'

 666 is the monster that has grown in the Earth since the Fall when Man rejected God and His Word and opted to be their own god and decide good and evil for themselves.  666 is Man under sin grown to its fullness in the Earth. They became Man- centred instead of God- centred. If you don’t have the mark of the Beast you cannot buy and sell. I have just been listening to someone on Vision radio talking about all those who have lost their living because of their stance against SSM. Romans 1 reveals that the whole gender-bender thing is rebellion against the Creator. The mark is not only that, but it is opposition to the whole way of Christ – the Antichrist spirit.

 The Dragon [Satan] stands on the sand. [some Bibles read ‘ I stood’ but it is ‘it stood’] It calls the Beast up out of the sea. The sea in scripture represents the people of the earth. The Beast has been there all along and has come to a ‘head’ in various empires throughout history. It is expressed in Humanism and other such philosophies which have infiltrated into every strata of our society. Now the Dragon calls the Beast into manifestation in the earth. This is what we are seeing happen right now.  666, Man under sin and in rebellion against God, is coming to its ultimate expression, when man will ‘call evil good, and good evil ; put darkness for light and light for darkness, put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter’ [Isaiah 5:20]

 A second Beast rises from the earth. He has two horns like a lamb He looks harmless, but he speaks like the dragon.  [‘Did God really say that?’]This is the religious face of Humanism. It appears religious but is very deceptive. These are those who call themselves ‘Christians’ and even appear on TV in religious garb, but they speak according to the dragon. In the name of ‘love’ they put Scripture aside. Is God unloving? We only have to look at the Cross to see the answer to that question. God IS love and wants what is best for us. This Beast also puts Man at the centre and misrepresents God. They endorse what God calls ‘sin’. They are deciding good and evil for themselves. The result of the decision made in Eden long ago is rising up to its fullest in the earth.

 God is longsuffering but will not allow sin to go unpunished. “Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man sow, that will he also reap.” [Galatians 6:7] Yet God is always merciful. During this day of Grace, we can exchange the Beast’s mark for God’s mark. God loves all people and doesn’t want any to perish but all to come to repentance. [2 Peter 3:9]The days ahead may be dark, but it is at just such a time that God’s Church will rise in the earth in glory and power. This will be the Church’s finest hour.

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people; but the Lord shall arise upon you and his glory shall be seen upon you.”  Isaiah 60: 1, 2



Tuesday, 25 July 2017


On Vision radio recently the guest speaker, a lady lawyer, told of the pressure on Christians in the UK. She told how that she had represented a young woman who was told not to wear her cross to work.  People of other faiths were allowed to wear the symbols of their religion; but in the Court it was asserted that the Cross was not a symbol of Christianity. Anyone should know that this is a deliberate denial of the truth, but truth seems to be expendable in this day and age.

Constantine the Great, when about to engage in battle, had vision of a Cross in the sky and heard a voice saying, “In this sign you will conquer.” He subsequently converted to Christianity and the persecution of Christians ceased.

Some will argue that this was not necessarily a good thing. In a backlash against the excesses of the Church in the time of ‘Bloody Mary’ [Queen of England] the Puritans destroyed  all such symbols believing that they were idolatrous,  an attitude which still survives in some traditions. Nevertheless, it is by all that the Cross stands for, that we will conquer. It is obvious that the devil hates the Cross and any representation of it.

The rainbow, a Biblical covenantal symbol, has been appropriated by the LGBTQI lobbyists though there is currently a move to ‘Reclaim the Rainbow’ by Christians. Those who are fighting to preserve Biblical values need to have an identifying symbol to which we can rally, and what better symbol than the Cross? So I am saying, “Let’s wear our Crosses and let’s keep the Cross and all it stands for before the world.” I am not suggesting that Christians in countries where they could be executed for doing so should risk their lives; but in nations like Australia, let’s assert our right to wear a Cross and to proclaim our faith before we get to the same situation that Christians in other nations like UK and the USA find themselves in.

The speaker on Vision radio said that Christians need to be more vocal and visual. Wearing a Cross is a simple thing which we all can do – men and women. It may also give us opportunities to share our faith. The Church needs to be a lot bolder in standing up for Jesus in these days when there seems to be a growing determination to stifle all things Christian. Jesus bore the Cross for the sake of the world. Let’s wear the Cross as a witness of His love for the world and in identification with Christ and His people.

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Sunday, 16 July 2017


"The Lord has yet more life and truth
to break forth from His Word." 
George Rawson
 I am so tired of the prophets of doom and gloom. I’m just as tired of the run-away ‘Rapturists.’ It short changes the work of the Cross. Jesus died a terrible death to give us Victory. He said that His Church would demolish the gates of Hell. Where did He say that? Matthew 16:18,19. This is just one of the many Scriptures that we pass over with ‘O, that just means so and so…..’ when it means far more than that when we take a closer look.

 The ongoing truth which the Spirit brings is hidden in plain sight, in the Word, but our spiritual eyes are often closed to it. Mostly because we have our end time truth all sorted out and we don’t want to know any different. If we took time to meditate on the Word and asked the Holy Spirit to show us what it means, we may be surprised with what He reveals.

Other Scriptures we tend to pass over are Ephesians 4:11-13 which tells us that Jesus has set some ministries in the Church to bring it “to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.” Also Ephesians 5:27 that tells us that Christ’s Church is going to be “a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that it should be holy and without blemish.” Surely not! That must mean after Jesus comes back. Jesus will have not more power or authority when He returns, than what He already has. He has accomplished there everything that is needed to bring in the Kingdom. It has to be laid hold of and manifested by the Church. The whole creation is waiting for 'revealing of the sons of God'. (Romans 8:19) That is when the Church will rise up into all that Jesus has accomplished.

The truth is encapsulated in the Types of Israel – the pattern nation. They show that the people of God, having been set free through the blood of the Passover lamb, eventually becoming a glorious, victorious Army which possesses its inheritance [The Promised Land] and establishes the Kingdom. Until they understood who they were and what they were redeemed to do, they wandered in the wilderness. That’s where the Church is now!

The inheritance of the spiritual descendants of Abraham is the Earth. [Romans 4:13] We are redeemed to reclaim it for God. Then the Kingdom will come 'on Earth as it is in Heaven'. That is our Promised Land. This involves spiritual warfare in Jesus’ Name; but the victory is assured. Jesus has done everything necessary in order for the Church to rise up and enforce the victory He has won.  One generation will; and that generation is already born into the Earth. How do I know that? By studying the Types. It’s all there if we care to look and study it through.

I have endeavoured to put all this into my books “The Other Bible Code – Unlocking the Glorious Destiny of the Church of Jesus Christ.” And “End Time Insights – The Cloud moves On.” They are available at Amazon, Booktopia, Koorong and most Book Stores. The following link will take you to my author page at Amazon and you can navigate from there. Let’s open our eyes to see the wonderful things God is going to do in the Earth. – and SOON

Tuesday, 6 June 2017



“And he shall bring forth the capstone with shouts of ‘Grace, grace,’ to it”
Zechariah 4:7

This prophecy was spoken by the Prophet Zechariah to Zerubbabel who, along with Joshua the High Priest, led the first contingent of exiles from captivity back to Jerusalem.
Zerubbabel was of the kingly line and is a Type of Jesus in that they both undertake to build a temple. As with prophecy generally, this prophecy had an immediate application concerning Zerubbabel’s Temple, and also a future application concerning the Temple Jesus is building. It is a prophecy which even now is being fulfilled.

The exiles set to work with a will; constructing first an altar, then beginning their most important task - the reconstruction of the Temple. Zerubbabel as Governor had ultimate responsibility for the building. The workers became discouraged because of the fierce opposition of the Samaritans in the surrounding villages who eventually managed to get an order to stop the building from the Persian government (Israel’s overlords ).
Into this situation God sent the prophets Zechariah and Haggai to bring His Words of encouragement.
“Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit
Says the Lord of hosts.” Zech. 4:6

The work would be accomplished, not by trusting in human resources, but in the Spirit of God who would instruct, provide and facilitate the work. It would not be a triumph of human achievement, but of the grace of God.

“Who are you great mountain?
Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain!” Zech. 4:7
No obstacle would be able to prevent God’s work.

“The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this temple,
His hands shall also finish it.”Zech. 4:9
The one who began the work, would be the one to finish it.
“And he shall bring forth the capstone
       With shouts of ‘Grace, grace to it!’” Zech 4:7
This would indeed be a work of Grace, founded on Grace and triumphantly finished by Grace. The Temple in Jerusalem was finished in spite of all the difficulties and it stood, as did the first Temple and the Tabernacle before it, as  prophetic witnesses to the ultimate Temple ‘not made with hands.’ (Acts 17:24).

Jesus is building a Temple – a Living Temple made with ‘living stones’; (1 Peter 2; 4,5) Jesus Christ being the ‘chief cornerstone.’(1 Peter 2:6, 7; Ephesians 2:20). It is a ‘habitation of God in the Spirit.’ (Ephesians 2:22). It is still under construction but will soon be finished. If you belong to Jesus, you are a living stone in this Temple. What a privilege! You need to be yielded to the Builder to be shaped and molded and ‘built together’ with other living stones. 

 Not the “might nor power” of Man can build this Temple, – but by My Spirit says the Lord of hosts.”  It is founded on Grace and every living stone is lovingly placed by the power of God’s amazing Grace.

Though the opposition of the enemy sometimes seems overwhelming, nothing will prevent Jesus from finishing this great work. Jesus’ has laid the foundation of this temple and His hands shall also  finish it’. Every obstacle to the work, the ‘great mountains…shall become a plain.” Jesus said “I will build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18). This Temple is to be the powerhouse of the Kingdom and the ‘gates of hell’ shall fall before it.

The Temple built under Zerubbabel was eventually completed.  It is said that some things which the First Temple [Solomon’s temple] had contained, were missing from the Second Temple, - The Ark and the Shekinah [Glory Presence], the Holy Fire, the Urim and Thummim [special stones of revelation] and the spirit of prophecy. These were to be restored in the Living Temple. They will be experienced in their full manifestation when the Living Temple is finished.

When the foundation of Zerubbabel’s Temple was laid, some of the old men wept, remembering the glory of Solomon’s Temple. The prophet Haggai assured that God was with them – this was all part of His plan; that, though this Temple was ‘as nothing’ compared to the former in their eyes, yet the glory of the latter house would be greater than the former. All nations would come to the ‘Desire of Nations’ and God would fill this Temple with glory. (Haggai 2:3-9)The Temple would be finished! Even so, the Temple Jesus is building will be completed and filled with the glory of God.

“And he shall bring forth the capstone
With shouts of ‘Grace, grace to it!’”

The end time revelation which brings the Living Temple to completion is a deeper revelation of Grace which comes with the understanding the finished work of Christ. There are those today whom God has raised up to preach these truths, essential to the Church in these challenging days. As has always been, there are those who oppose this new revelation, calling it ‘Hyper Grace’ and condemning those who preach it. They charge the Grace preachers with ‘giving people a license to sin.’ As someone quipped, “They can sin without a license.”

There is really no cause for concern. Those who have had a genuine revelation of the Grace of God have no wish to sin. Revelation changes people,

But we all with unveiled face, beholding, as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.” 2 Corinthians 3:18

Revelation accomplishes in the seeker, that which it reveals. This is the amazing principle of the Spirit of Grace. Seeing the great love of God, His holiness, His utter goodness, is what transforms us. It is seeing this by revelation of the Spirit of God, that leads us to repentance. (Romans 2:4)  Those who claim to be Christians who still have a desire to go on sinning, need to re-examine their experience. {2 Corinthians 13:5}. Teachers and preachers need to aim to bring revelation rather than major on ‘do’s’ and don’ts’. “The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life” (2 Corinthians 3:6).

The revelation of the finished work of Christ - of all that Grace has accomplished, will be the downfall of the enemy. 

 ‘What gives the enemy authority and power in the Earth? It is sin. The finished work of Christ with its immeasurable Grace shows that the sin of every person who ever lived has been paid for by the Cross. Jesus tasted death for everyone. (Hebrews 2:9). That doesn’t mean that they are automatically saved; they still have to ‘repent and believe’ but their sins have been paid for and are now a matter between them and God, not the Devil.  The enemy has no more legal authority in the Earth and no right to accuse anyone. He has no legal right to keep the people of the world in his grip. (1 John 5:19)The dominion that Man lost at the Fall has now been restored to redeemed Man. Satan is called the ‘Accuser of the Brethren’ (Revelation 12:10). In Revelation 12 we see him cast down from the authority which he exercises illegally. The Manchild of Revelation 12 is a generation of the ‘Seed of the Woman’ (Genesis 3:15). They are the end time Overcomers who have come into the revelation of the finished work of Christ and are thereby able to exercise Kingdom authority over the Accuser.
The finishing stone – the Capstone of Grace is being prepared for the Living Temple. When it is finished the Shekinah will flood out from the Most Holy Place. The Veil which represents all the sin that has separated Man and God is gone along with the revelation that there is nothing between God and His people. The Holy Fire of the Spirit will ignite the hearts of God’s people and the spirit of prophecy will bring unprecedented revelation. The Holy Spirit will do His work of convicting and convincing and healing love will flow. It will be known and seen that God is in His Holy Temple. This is the Temple before which the ‘gates of hell’ will fall.  It will soon be finished. - ..’the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all.’  Eph. 1:22.23 “The measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ…”.Ephesians 4:13



Tuesday, 2 May 2017


THE SEED OF THE WOMAN.  [Genesis 3:15]

In this blog I shall endeavour to throw somelight on:-

1.       Why there is an unprecedented number of abortions in this day and age.

2.       Who is the ‘Seed of the woman’ who will crush the Serpent’s head.

These two subjects may seem to have nothing in common; yet there is a very definite link.

The ‘right’ to abortion is accepted as part of our modern day ‘civilized’ society. A lot of people don’t like it; Christians fight it; proponents consider it ‘progressive’ to allow a woman to have control over her reproductive system all in the interests of ‘choice.’

An unplanned pregnancy can be devastating to some women who may need a lot of support to continue with the pregnancy and may be tempted to think of abortion as the easy way out. Most are unprepared for the life time after effects that abortion can bring. Some States allow for late term abortion, which is just too horrible to describe.

There is choice in these days when contraception is readily available. Those who grieve over a miscarriage or a regretted abortion may find comfort to know that that little life is not lost to God. Many accounts of experiences in the afterlife reveal that the baby is cared for and brought up in heaven and will be reunited to family.

Image result for rachel weeping for her children
The grief of bereaved mothers is captured in a prophecy by Jeremiah

A voice was heard in Ramah,
Lamentation, weeping, and great mourning,
Rachel weeping for her children,
Refusing to be comforted,
Because they were no more.” Jeremiah 31:15.

This Scripture is quoted in Matthew and refers there to what is called ‘The slaughter of the innocents’ about the time of the birth of Jesus.  Roman soldiers were ordered by King Herod to kill all the male children in and around Bethlehem when he heard that a new king was about to be born there. Matthew 2:16,17. This event has an Old Testament counterpart in Exodus 1. About the time when Moses the Deliverer of Israel was to be born there was another ‘slaughter of the innocents’ as there is in this day at the end of this Age.

The Serpent has never forgotten that there is a Child to be born – a Deliverer, who is destined to crush his head. He knows when such a deliverer is about to be born and moves to slaughter the innocents and thus put off his demise.  Since the event known as ‘The Fall,’ he has been ‘the god of this age’ [2 Cor. 4:4] and the whole world lies under his influence. [1 John 5:19]. He is jealous over his control of this world and its inhabitants; no potential Deliverer can be allowed to live. He knows that another Child is about to be born destined to end his rule, - the Child of Revelation 12, The Seed of the Woman, and so he moves to slaughter the innocents again.

In Revelation 12 we see the woman travailing to give birth with the Dragon waiting to devour the Child, as he always has been. But isn’t this Child Jesus?  you will no doubt ask. This is what has always been taught. Actually it is not the complete answer. It is certainly true that without Jesus there is no redemption possible. Without Him we are eternally lost. It is also true that ‘the whole world [still] lies under the sway of the wicked one.’ 1 John 5:19. We shall have to look further for the full answer as to the identity of the Child. It is undoubtedly  the Seed of the Woman promised in Genesis 3:15.

The promised Seed was to come through Abraham. Abraham had physical Seed through Isaac and spiritual Seed through Jesus. Israel, the physical Seed, God calls ‘My son, My firstborn’. [Exodus 4:22]. This many-membered nation, all who were born of Isaac, were considered to be the Son of God. They were redeemed from bondage in Egypt under Pharaoh, to bring down the enemy and possess the Land of their inheritance – the Promised Land. It remained for one generation of this Son, a generation of Overcomers under Joshua, to come out of the wilderness and conquer the enemy.  Likewise, the spiritual Seed -  Jesus and His Church- are considered to be One Seed.

Now to Abraham and his Seed were the promises made. He does not say, ‘And to seeds,’ as of many, but as of one, ‘And to your Seed,’ who is Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:16

And if you are Christ’s then you are Abraham’s Seed and heirs according to the promise. Galatians 3:29

Note, the Seed is One though many. This Seed is the Son of God. Christ and His Church cannot be separated.


                               Physical Seed                                                                   Spiritual Seed

                                  ISAAC                                                                                    JESUS

                            The Nation of Israel                                                             The Church

As in Israel, one generation of Abraham’s Seed finally came out of the wilderness and conquered the enemy; even so one generation of the Church is destined to break the enemy’s hold on planet Earth –a generation of Overcomers under Jesus. This end time generation enters into all that the Cross has achieved. This is the Child of Revelation 12. Since the Fall, the ‘Woman’ – the people of faith of all ages, has been travailing to bring forth the promised Seed. Sarah is a type of this Woman. She was made beautiful and fruitful in her old age. After many years of waiting, when it all seemed impossible, she brought forth the promised Seed. Likewise the coming great revival will renew the Church and enable her to produce the Overcomers.

Israel brought forth Messiah who accomplished all the work of Redemption and Commissioned His Church to make all the Nations His disciples.  It remains for this redemption to be manifested in the Earth. All of creation is waiting for this. [Romans 8:19-21]

Back to Revelation 12. V 5 The Child is ‘caught up to God, and to his throne;’ - the Overcomers assume their throne rights. The Christian is legally ‘seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus’ Ephesians 2:6; however, experientially, the Church has not been operating in this dimension. The end time revelation of the finished work of Christ causes the overcomers to rise up into Kingdom authority. Thus begins a war in the heavenlies or spiritual realm. The Old Testament type of this is Joshua and the army of Israel with the hosts of heaven at Jericho [Joshua 6]. The war in the heavenlies results in Satan being cast down from the place of authority which he has been occupying illegally since the Cross. He has kept his position only through deceit and accusation. [Note, it is a ‘they’ who overcome the Dragon -One but many] The Child is the end time Overcomers – the long awaited manifestation of the Seed. The Seed has been there all along – born of God and co-heirs with Christ, but has not been manifested in its fullness. This is the ‘glorious Church’ [Ephesians 5:27] destined to bring down ‘the gates of hell.’[Matthew 16:18] That is why the devil is conducting an end time slaughter of innocents, endeavouring to avoid the battle which he knows he cannot win. However, the Seed of the Woman. backed by the hosts of Heaven. is victorious and the cry goes up –

Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of the brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down.

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.”  Revelation 12:10,11

“…the mystery which has been hidden from ages and from generations but now has been revealed….which is CHRIST IN YOU, THE HOPE OF GLORY.” Colossians 1:26,27

Monday, 10 April 2017


With Easter now upon us, there will no doubt be the usual discussions/debates about what day was the crucifixion.  Some want to make it on the Wednesday to accommodate the ‘sign of Jonah’ Matthew 12:30; therefore they insist that ‘three days and three nights’ mean exactly 72 hours in the tomb. However the majority of Scripture references to the Resurrection say it was on ‘the third day.’

There is one date that everyone overlooks but when you place this date correctly then all the other days of Easter fall naturally into place. That is the day of the choosing of the Lamb. To do that we need to go back to the very first Passover keeping in mind that it was God Himself who gave the instructions, knowing exactly what was going to happen all those hundreds of years later.

Most Christians understand that the Jewish Feast of Passover was fulfilled in Jesus, “The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” John 1:29. He fulfilled all the requirements down to the last detail. The instructions are found in Exodus 12.

“Speak to all the congregation of Israel, saying: ’On the tenth day of this month every man shall take for himself a lamb, according to the house of his father, a lamb for a household.’” Exodus 12:3

On what day did Israel choose the Lamb? It was the day when Jesus rode into Jerusalem riding a donkey to be acclaimed by the crowds as a king. When the Pharisees saw it they said “Master, rebuke your disciples.” Jesus told them that if the crowds were silent the stones would cry out. This was the day of the choosing of the Lamb, and nothing would stop it.

This is the day we celebrate as Palm Sunday. So since that day was the 10th   (Nisan) as decreed by God, then we can place the events of that week accurately.

The Lamb was to be slain on the 14th (Exodus 12:6) which, counting from Sunday the 10th, would have been on Thursday. There were two Sabbaths that week – The day of Unleavened Bread which was kept as a Sabbath and the weekly Sabbath. Leaven is a type of sin. Jesus’ body bearing our sins went into the grave as this day began. The only thing that prevented the women going to the tomb earlier was the Sabbath restrictions. They rested on the next two days which would have been Friday and Saturday which brings us to Sunday ‘the third day.’ This was the Feast of Firstfruits when the first sheaf was reaped from the harvest.  (Leviticus 23:10,14) Jesus rose on that day and became ‘the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep; ( 1 Corinthians 15:20) This was the beginning of a great harvest which has yet to be completed.

The lamb had to be a perfect lamb without any defect. Accordingly, Jesus presented Himself in the temple on the days preceding the crucifixion. There He was questioned by Scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees and finally by the High Priest, King Herod and Pilate – every authority in the Land, and no one could fault Him. Finally Pilate declared “I find no fault in Him.” The Lamb was declared perfect.

“knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible things, like silver and gold…but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot” (1Peter 1:18,19)

While every household had their Passover Lamb, there was also a lamb at the Temple. The lamb was tied to the altar at 9am and killed at 3pm – the hours Jesus was on the Cross. Before Jesus and His disciples left the Last Supper, they sang a hymn, very likely Ps 118 which was sung at Passover. It contains the words ‘Bind the sacrifice with cords to the altar” Jesus went out knowing that He was going to be bound to the altar of the Cross. When all was accomplished He cried “It is finished.” The veil in the temple was rent in two from top to bottom opening the way into the Presence of God.

Though the enemy thought he had put an end to Jesus, it was all according to plan. The blood of the Passover Lamb had secured the deliverance of God’s people from bondage in Egypt; the blood of Jesus, the Lamb of God, brings deliverance from bondage to sin and death in the kingdom of darkness ruled by Satan. From the sacrifice of the Lamb of God, flows ultimately the redemption of the world – surely something to celebrate.

While Christians may differ as to the day and date etc. it is what happened that we all celebrate. We all need to make a personal decision to choose the Lamb of God and we need to apply His blood over our lives 

10th Nisan Sunday – the Lamb chosen (Palm Sunday)

14th Thursday – the Lamb slain.  Passover

15th Friday - Jesus body committed to the tomb. Unleavened Bread

17th Sunday – Jesus rose from the grave. The Feast of Firstfruits.



Monday, 5 December 2016


There has been some excitement recently about a star event which seems to be depicting a significant birth which is due to happen in September 2017. I have heard three different interpretations of what this birth is so far. Signs in the heavens were promised and they can confirm what the Word is saying though I hasten to say that truth is gleaned from the Word of God not primarily from astronomy. So I would give yet another interpretation of this Star birth as it seems to confirm what the Word has revealed to me as I have studied it for nearly half a century now.

Revelation 12 records signs in the heavens which show the birth of a Man Child who brings about the downfall of the devil. This is surely the fulfilment of the promise in Genesis 3:15 about a coming Deliverer who will crush the Serpent’s head. A lot of Christians quite naturally believed that this Child is Jesus, and some say that the Woman is Israel; but there are certain things about the  Revelation 12 Scripture that don’t fit this interpretation.  E.g. Revelation is “The Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave Him to show His servants – things which must shortly take place.” So it depicts things which were future to the time it was given; and therefore, as Jesus is the One who is giving the revelation, it would not be depicting the birth of the Saviour.

So, who is the Child and who is the Woman? These are questions which Christians have wrestled with for a long time. It is a mistake to take Revelation too literally. It is too big for that. Mostly it depicts systems, companies of people or beings, and movements in the realm of the Spirit. I believe that both the Woman and the Child are companies of people.

This Woman has been travailing since the Fall to produce the Seed destined to crush the Serpent’s head and thus reverse the effects of the Fall.  No doubt Mother Eve hoped that Cain would be the promised deliverer. Is Israel the Woman? This is what Isaiah wrote of Judah [26:17,18]

“As a woman with child is in pain and cries out in her pangs, when she draws near the time of her delivery, so have we been in Your sight, O Lord. We have been with child, we have been in pain; we have, as it were, brought forth wind; we have not accomplished any deliverance in the earth, nor have the inhabitants of the world fallen.”

It goes on to promise that deliverance would come with a resurrection. The purpose of all the travail is to accomplish deliverance in the earth. Israel did not accomplish deliverance in the Earth but they did produce the Messiah, Who would make it all possible because of His death and resurrection.

So again we consider:- who is the Child of Revelation 12 who was to come at the time of its writing? Is this birth still to happen? Is that what is being depicted in the star sign that is causing a lot of speculation lately?

The key to unlocking the Book is in the types of the Old Testament. In His redemptive dealings with Israel, God has shown His plan for the redemption of the world.  What He has done in the physical in the natural descendants of Abraham, He does in the spiritual through the spiritual descendants of Abraham ‘who is the father of us all.’[Romans 4:16] As Isaac and all who came from him were considered to be the son of God; [Exodus 4:22] so Jesus and all who come from Him are God’s Son. [Galatians 3:16, 29] Christ and His Church are One; they cannot be separated. This is a vital truth and we need to understand all of its implications. We are the Seed of Abraham and the promised Seed of the woman in Genesis 3:15, destined to crush the head of the Serpent and end his devastation of the earth. This is a huge study and I have written about it in my books.[The Other Bible Code and End Time Insights]

The Bible is about much more than taking you to heaven when you die; it’s about reclaiming the earth for the Kingdom of God. The promise He made in Eden after the Fall, was that the Seed of the Woman would crush the Serpent’s head. Thus the Promised Seed would liberate the Earth from the Serpent’s influence. The Bible tells us that “the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one.” [1 John 5:19]. That is why this Earth is in such a mess.  During the temptation, Satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and boasted that they belonged to him. Jesus did not dispute this claim but set about making a way to reclaim the Earth. Through His substitutionary death on the Cross, Jesus brought us out from under the control of the Serpent and gave us Kingdom authority. We are now of the promised Seed along with Jesus and every Christian of every age.

The Seed of the Woman was to come through the line of Abraham. God gave Abraham physical seed through Isaac;-  the Nation of Israel. The land of Canaan was their inheritance.  Likewise, Abraham’s spiritual Seed was Christ and all who came from Him – the Church. Their inheritance is the earth. [Romans 4:13] Most Christians know that Jesus is the fulfilment of the Passover Lamb which brought deliverance from bondage to Israel: Jesus the Lamb of God brought us out of bondage in the kingdom of darkness. Most Christians understand that. What they usually fail to do is to follow the Type through to its conclusion. The redeemed slaves became an army of conquerors who routed the inhabitants of the Promised Land and possessed it for the Kingdom. That is to be the destiny of the Church. As we follow the history of Israel through we find that it was a generation of Israel, the Joshua generation, that finally conquered the enemy and possessed their inheritance, -  the Promised Land. That sets the pattern for the Church. It is a generation of spiritual Israel [the Church] that will overcome the Serpent and possess the earth for God. This is the generation of Overcomers which God has been working towards since Eden. Jesus said ‘I will build My church and the gates of hell will not stand against it.’ [Matthew 16;18] The Church is destined to rise up and overthrow the reign of the Serpent and usher in the Kingdom of God. Anything less than total victory for the Church in the earth, comes short of that for which Jesus agonised on the Cross.

It is the manifestation of this generation of Overcomers which I believe is being depicted in the Heavens. John the Revelator, saw it played out in the heavens. In Revelation 12 we see the Woman travailing to give birth; the Dragon waiting to devour the Child; the Child caught up to the throne of God from thence to exercise power over the nations. God’s plan is Christ in you, the hope of glory.’ This is ‘the mystery which has been hidden from ages and generations, but now is made manifest.’ [Colossians 1:26].

Our legal position in Christ is to be seated ‘together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.’ [Ephesians 2:6] It is a position which the Church has yet to take up. We have in our hands the spiritual authority which will bring down the Serpent’s rule and liberate the earth. Remember that Revelation 12 is not about a literal catching up to the throne, it is a spiritual rising up in the realm of the Spirit, into the Kingdom authority that Jesus died to give us.

 Israel’s victory was delayed because they did not really understand the greatness of their deliverance. The Church has yet to see just what the Cross has achieved. Everything necessary has been done and Christ is seated at the right hand of God waiting for His enemies to be made His footstool.  [Hebrews 10:12,13]The end time Church will come into a deeper revelation of the Cross which will cause them to rise up in victory over the enemy. It is a revelation shown in the Type of the Tabernacle, on the Day of Atonement. All Christians have Outer Court revelation of the Cross; some have an ongoing revelation available in the Holy Place: but on the Day of Atonement the High Priest went into the Holy of Holies. That is where God is taking those who will be Overcomers with ‘power over the nations’ into the fullness of truth and the Glory of God. The long travail is almost over and deliverance for the Earth will be accomplished.

The Woman is the people of faith of all ages travailing to bring forth deliverance to the Earth; the Child is the end time Overcomers who will cause Satan’s  fall from the place of authority which he has occupied illegally since the Cross and Resurrection. Jesus took authority over the earth from him and gave it to His Church. The birth of the Overcomers will take place ‘about 2,000’ years after Jesus emerged from the Wilderness and began His ministry, bringing down the strongholds of the devil. How I know that is another study.  Is this the Birth that is happening in the heavens in September 2017? Allowing that our calendar is not totally in line with the Jewish calendar, it could very well be so.

This is a very abbreviated sketch of what is a complex study; but it is an awesome truth and one which the Church will enter into shortly. I pray that you will seek the revelation of the Holy Spirit as you ponder these things. [Ephesians 1:15-19]


  Physical Seed:  Isaac and all in him – the Nation of Israel. Their inheritance [which they have to possess] The Land of Canaan  The hosts of Heaven waiting to do battle with them. Joshua 5:13-15

Spiritual Seed: Jesus and all in Him. [Galatians 3:16,29] Their inheritance [which they have to possess]– the Earth [Romans 4:13] The hosts of heaven waiting to do battle with them. Rev. 12:7-9